Hi, I'm Hogan,

And this is my
rescue story!
I am a rescue dog. My previous owner decided marine grade chain and a life on cement with my friend a
Saint Bernard was my future. But Logan (Saint Bernard) and I decided to break out into the streets of
Naples, Florida. We both had the 8 feet of chain with some cement at the end trailing us for three and a
half months while Animal Control chased us. I have to admit it was fun for awhile, but running loose is
dangerous for a couple of big guys like us. Plus we figured since the Officer seemed to be the only one
willing to feed us, maybe they would keep feeding us if we just cooperated and got in the truck. When we
got to the shelter they removed the heavy chains and they did feed us and for the first two weeks they
even let us stay together. But then a Saint Bernard Rescue came and took Logan. I knew he was going to
an even better place than this, because the lady that came to get him was really nice and even gave me
a treat. I missed Logan, but was happy for him. I just hoped the nice lady would come back for me. That
didn't happen, but with my charm and good manners the shelter let me stay for two more months and
the day that had been set for me to go to sleep, one of the officers that liked me allot got me moved to
another shelter. I was at that shelter for almost three months and the day that they had set for me to go
to sleep, a Siberian rescue showed up with their own nice lady and treats and took me in her car to the
vet. I was at that vet for another couple of months because the rescues foster homes were full. Then my
Mom who was a volunteer for the rescue and that normally helped with puppies wanted me as a foster.
The rescue was hesitant at first, because she had a cat and I had never been around cats to their
knowledge. They should have remembered how gentlemanly I had always been. ;-) Well my foster Mom
insisted she wanted to try me out, because she heard I was going cage crazy. So she came and got me
and instead of taking me straight home, she took me to the dog park to meet my new foster sisters
(Sachi a female Siberian and Coco a 10lb. Poodle). They loved me and I heard later on, that the Poodle
Coco never likes anyone. But even my foster Mom's cat liked me. At the park I discovered the most joy
any dog could ever imagine! I could run, jump and act goofy and not get hurt in the safety of those
fences. Yeah there are always a couple of dogs that try to ruin it for the rest of us, but that's how I
perfected my run really fast and jump n the air sideways over them stunt. Anyways, sorry, I digress...I
was at my new foster home for three days and we went back to the dog park for my foster Mom to meet
an adopter from the rescue she volunteered at, to help her with her new puppy that she had adopted.
Well my new foster sister Sachi and I got a little to excited with the puppy and when my foster Mom
pulled me back with my harness, I bit her! She made me lay down and chill out, I just kept thinking,
she's gonna take me back to that last cage place. BUT she didn't, even though the lady with the puppy
made her keep it too. I think in retrospect I may have scared her after she saw my teeth, but remember
I was in a cage/shelter for almost 9 months. It can make you go a little wacko, that's my story and I'm
sticking to it. So after the park fiasco, my foster Mom decided major training was in my future. So for the
next three months my foster Mom, Me and a clicker went all over the place. By the way, the clicker and
my good behavior equals treats! So I got a certificate that said I was a Canine Good Citizen! So then we
started training again, this time I got a backpack (I carry mine and my foster moms water) and after
three months with the backpack, I got a certificate that said I was a "Doggy Therapist"! No I can't
prescribe ACE, but I got to start visiting children that didn't feel good, but they acted like they felt better
by the time I was leaving. I also got to visit Grandma's and Granddaddy's, they were awesome and even
bought me special treats. By the seventh month at my foster Mom's, someone wanted to adopt me, but
my foster Mom decided even though I had bit her that I was the love of her life! I have heard that she
use to be a biter too, but I have never witnessed it. So now I had my forever home. The next year, my
family moved from Florida to Tennessee. When my Mom couldn't find a Siberian rescue to volunteer at,
she decided to open my rescue. She says I will always be her "Top Dog", but I am an ambassodor to the
new foster dogs that come to our house and my friends houses that also foster rescue dogs. I love
Siberians and Northern breed dogs, but I believe all rescues deserve a second chance. That's why you
might see a Bully, Pom, Rat Terrier, Shepard, etc. on my Petfinder page. Well that's my rescue story, if
you ever see me at the dog park please introduce yourself, as you can see I'm big on treats and I also
love a good belly rub. Love and sloppy furry kisses, Hogan P.S. My rescue has treated 89 dogs in 2009
for heartworms, out of 129 rescues. So if you would like to make a donation to help a rescue dog like
me, just go to the bottom of this page and click on the paypal sign. We appreciate anything you can
send. Also, we always need new foster homes, volunteers and supplies. Go check out my website;